"Home-style Southern Cuisine"
870 Violet Avenue Hyde Park, NY 12538

Phone: 845-233-5955

Khalliah Murphy (Lady K) - Owner / Chef
with Shawn Murphy - Co-Owner

Classic Soul

These Southern Classics served with two sides dishes                    
Add $1.00 For White Meat (Chicken)
                   Southern Fried Chicken                    $10/$12/$14
Seasoned Chicken Deep Fried & Juicy.

                 Herb Roasted Chicken                          $10/$12/$14
Seasoned w/ herbs & garlic, Roasted to Perfection.

                 Southern Fried Whiting Fish               $11/$13/$15
Seasoned and lightly coated in cornmeal,Deep Fried

Steamed, Baked, or Pan Seared Seafood                $11/$13/$15  
  add $1.00 for Shrimp Scampi

                       Tilapia & Swai                           $12/$14/$16




 This accompaniment complements any meal.
                               Baked Macaroni                                
$ 4.00/$7.50
Yummy, cheesy goodness baked with love.

Rice Pilaf
Fluffy bed of rice seasoned w/ herbs & veg

Rice and Peas
  $ 4.00/$7.50
Yellow rice w/pigeon peas
                 Collard Greens                      
Filled w/ the right amount of flavor to get your taste buds dancing
Sautéed in olive oil, seasoned w/ veggies





Do you need something to get your taste buds started? These are Great anytime.

Empanadas w/meat
Choice of Ground Beef or Turkey seasoned with sofrito.
With cheese add .50c                                         
Empanadas w/veggies
Choice of spinach or grilled seasonal vegetables lightly seasoned and mixed with cheese.

Wing Flings       
6pc                 $5.00
10 pc              $9.00
Seasoned how you like Original, (BBQ or Jerk)
Add .50c for BBQ or Jerk Style
French Fries                                    $2.50




Fried Chicken & Fried Fish

Make it a Deluxe (fries, salad & soda) add $4
Need Rolls? Plain .25     Sweet Rolls .50  Cornbread $1.00
Chicken Only
Legs & Thighs    4pc. $7    6pc. $9    8pc.$11.50
  Mixed*add $2.00    
           All Thighs*add $1.00
White Meat        4pc. $8   6pc. $11.50  8pc.$14
(Breast & Wing)  All Breast add $2.00
                Chicken Sandwich     $6.50
All sandwiches served on sliced bread wheat /or white.
Lettuce & Tomatoes add .50c    Cheese add .50c                             
Whiting            4pc. $10    8pc. $15   10pc. $18        
Fish Sandwich                                           $7.50                                               
All sandwiches served on sliced bread wheat/or white. Lettuce & Tomatoes add .50c    Cheese add .50c